About Agilytic

Agilytic was founded in early 2015 and focuses on data-driven growth and optimisation projects. We combine data usually treated in silos (sales, call centre records, complaints) and enrich them from third party sources (national bank, meteorological institutes, etc.) to facilitate our clients’ decision making.

Our experts have engineering, mathematics and business academic backgrounds, coupled with professional experience in management consulting firms as well as “big data” projects.


We aspire to become a leading data consultancy in Belgium, providing our clients with actionable insights that translate in tangible improvements for their business. Sometimes those improvements are huge and sudden, but other times we are tasked to find incremental optimisations that will compound to large impact over time.

That's why we think there's no improvement too small, and no challenge too big.


We need to start somewhere. As of today, we are looking for junior professionals to complete our team and allow us to build on top of our previous successes. This means going expanding in both dimensions:

  • Industry expertise: we will strengthen our expertise in Telecom, Financial and Security services, by actively exploring new opportunities with new and existing clients.
  • Mission expertise: we will use the know-how gained in our successful projects to partner with clients in new industries for projects in business development, customer experience and retention.


We don't hire people for what they are; we hire people for what they will become. Therefore, we don't expect a perfect fit from day one.

That said, there are a couple of personality traits that we look for because they form the foundation of a successful career in data consultancy.

  • Problem solving, not tools: tools are just instruments that are used to solve problems. Many of our clients don't care about the tools, they care whether their problems are solved or not. You'll need to stay curious about the latest tools, but never forget that they are means to an end.
  • Excellence: in data consulting, small errors can lead to big mistakes. We expect you to go the extra mile to ensure that everything is complete and accurate. In other words: excellence starts with being demanding of yourself.
  • Curiosity and ability to listen: in our line of work, problem solving starts with asking the right questions. You can only do this by actively listening and remaining open to counter-intuitive data and diverging points of views.
  • Initiative: we're a small structure; so everyone has to do a little bit of everything. Junior team members will need to be versed in elementary business, sales and support concepts.
  • Ability to communicate: it is paramount to be able to explain a complex process in an easy to understand manner.

Current openings